How to wear a foulard: 4 sophisticated ideas for women

A timeless icon: a favourite accessory of the divas of the 1950s and 1960s, the foulard or carré is a refined, lightweight and extremely versatile headscarf. It can be worn and knotted in a variety of ways: around the neck, as a headdress or to adorn one's handbag with class.


The use of the foulard in the female universe can be dated back to around the 19th century, when the noblewomen of the time wore foulards, scarves and sumptuous stoles, rich in decorations and details that had the very specific purpose of making them appear. In more recent times, this accessory played a leading role in the lives of peasant and rice weeders women, who wore it to protect their heads from the sun while working in the fields.

The modern carré, understood as an elegant and refined accessory to show off to give personality to one's look, was born in the 20th century. The fashion of the 1950s and 1960s saw it as the protagonist of every occasion. Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly were true style icons to draw inspiration from for this accessory: they wore it on their heads, knotting it under the chin, in combination with a pair of sunglasses.The foulard has never gone out of fashion. To this day, it is perhaps one of the most popular accessories used by women and girls of all ages. A way of expressing oneself and giving personality to one's look. It can give a vintage touch, or make everyday outfits sophisticated, as well as add a touch of luxury and class. Let's find out how to wear this accessory in different ways, for a touch of style and authenticity.

The most popular ways to wear a foulard for women

The carré, in the universe of women's accessories, leaves ample space for imagination. There are many different ways to wear this refined square of fabric. In silk or cotton, plain or with geometric patterns and brightly coloured designs, this accessory gives uniqueness to outfits and allows you to tell a little about yourself.

The foulard that caresses the neck

A great classic to wear this soft accessory for shelter during cooler days. Ideal for both a daytime outfit and an evening look, when knotted around the neck, the carré immediately gives distinction and elegance to the wearer. For an elegant and classy touch, we recommend tying it as close as possible, perhaps leaving the knot on one side of the neck.

A weave that reinvents a hairstyle

Increasingly in vogue is the use of the foulard to enhance one's hair. Passed under the nape and tied on the head, it recalls the pin-up style.

For a more refined and elegant touch, however, it can be worn the exact opposite way round. Knotting the foulard under the chin will recreate the look of the divas of the Sixties.

Another idea is to weave this accessory into the hair to embellish a hairstyle.

A touch of colour for your bags

For a woman, the handbag is perhaps one of the most cherished products of the fashion world. A women carré around the handles can be a way to embellish it, adorning it with a chic touch to make its beauty stand out even more, thus making the bag the highlight of the outfit.

A soft jewel

Why not turn the foulard into a soft piece of jewelry? This accessory can become a colourful and soft bracelet when tied around the wrist. Especially suitable in warmer weather, where clothes are worn that leave the arms uncovered, the foulard can be tied with a simple knot or with a pretty bow, becoming a real fabric bracelet.

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