How to wear a neckerchief for men: 6 ideas for a refined look

The accessory is a necessary and indispensable element to give charm to the whole outfit. It is a true symbol of accuracy and love for your image.

In particular, a foulard or bandana, if well chosen, can make a banal outfit into a unique look and raise it to a completely different level, adding a touch of originality. These refined squares of fabric leave plenty of room for everyone's imagination and creativity, offering the possibility of creating plays of colour to add class and elegance to an outfit, or make an overly elegant outfit less serious.

Graceful ornaments that Fumagalli 1891 has designed and produced as exclusive objects with which to identify oneself to feel unique, gratify oneself and love oneself.

Take your time to discover how to play with the various types of knots with which to wear a neckerchief and express your uniqueness through style.



The most famous knots for a man's foularine

In reality, there is no right way to wear a foulard or bandana, but there are some ways that are more suitable than others to emphasise the whole look. This is why it is defined as one of the most versatile neck accessories a man can own.

Here are some ideas on how to wear this refined and elegant accessory in the right way and with every outfit.

The Ascot knot, for an elegant but not formal style

Very similar to a tie, the neckerchief knotted in this way gives a very elegant but not too formal look. It is a perfect alternative to look distinguished in any context without feeling stiff.

To tie it, the two ends must be joined in a knot, following the typical procedure of the tie knot. Then the two ends are inserted into the shirt.

The tie knot, for a casual look

Choosing to tie a bandana like a tie is a way to combine elegance with versatility. Tie a Four-in-hand knot and then choose at what chest height to tighten it. The closer you bring it to your neck the more elegant the effect, the further away the more casual the effect.

This look works best with a shirt with one or two buttons undone, or with an open collar shirt, such as a polo shirt.


The Moder Regency knot, for a simple yet striking appearance

The Modern Regency knot allows you to combine sophistication and simplicity in a few simple steps. Start by folding the square scarf into a triangle, matching the two opposite ends. Then the two flaps are crossed at the front and tied in a simple knot. You will keep your neck warm and look very chic. The effect is guaranteed if you choose pure silk.

The pocket tease, the foulard in the pochette

Who said that the foulard should only be worn knotted? Placing this accessory in your jacket pocket will give you style and class. Compared to the simple clutch bag, being larger, the bandana will create pleats and volume. The steps are the same as for the pocket handkerchief.

Play with colours and textures, focusing on light and bright tones with elegant micro patterns.

The simple knot with a versatile spirit

This is the simplest and most popular way to wear a neck scarf. To make this knot, simply join the two edges of your bandana and tie them in a simple knot. Choose how far away from your neck to hold it to change the effect of your look.

The Cowboy Knot, for a trendy look

This look works well with a t-shirt, a high-necked or V-neck jumper and button-down shirts (with the top button undone). Fold the handkerchief into a triangle and, with the point in front, tie the ends behind the neck, tucking them into the back collar of the shirt. Pull the triangular part of the bandana forward or slightly to the side, keeping the knot at the back. This way you will create a full “cowboy” style look.

Now all that remains is for you to choose your style and manifest it by following our look tips. Don't forget that if you like to be daring, the headscarf is your great ally. From a romantic date to a walk by the sea, this accessory will allow you to embellish your outfit and never look out of place.


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