Travel & Style : little talks with David Venegas


This week we are pleased to interview one of Fumagalli friends and lover. His name is David Venegas ( @davidsevcab, born in Seville the capital of Andalusia, he managed an hotel in the beautiful setting of Djerba, Tunisia, and he has a interesting blog . Family, travel, sport and elegance are his passions and he spends his life always searching for happiness, respecting others.

1. Where does your passion for men's accessories come from?

Since I was little I liked to look at the clothes of those elegant men who appeared in the movies, from the oldest like Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca", to those of Agent 007, James Bond. Also my parents raised me from a young age on the need to always look good in a neat manner. I remember I really loved seeing my father's collection of ties in his dressing room as he tied his tie every morning in front of the mirror.

Although the definitive impulse was when I came of age and started working, partying and traveling more frequently. 

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2. What do you like about Fumagalli?             

Fumagalli is a company that I have followed for some time, mainly, since social networks exist, which have made it so easy for us to access almost everything.
From Fumagalli, I like his purely Italian style, fresh and dynamic but full of style and elegance. I love their designs, the materials they use, their manufacture and artisanal work and the family character of the company, which always gives it a plus of romanticism and differentiates them from those other large companies of generalized consumption.

3. I  read in your blog that you love to travel, is there a place you have visited where you have left your heart and would like to return as soon as possible? If yes, why?

Traveling is one of my great passions and I take advantage of every time I have a few days or a few hours free, despite the fact that now with this pandemic that haunts us, everything is more complicated, to take a leap and discover new places, their cultures and their people.
Italy is an incredible country, probably the most beautiful in terms of architecture and art that exists, and I have visited it countless times, but I only stayed one night in Venice, which left a deep mark on me, because Venice and its beauty in my modest opinion they are second to none. The day I find the right person, it will be time to go back!



4. By loving to travel have you noticed any difference in the way people use and match men's accessories?

Culture, religion and military uniforms have marked a lot throughout history the clothing of people.
Nowadays, and focusing on Western countries, we can see some differences, mainly due to the search for greater comfort when dressing and a very important reference is the different temperatures that exist in each place, since it is not the same to live in London, with a lot of rain, than in Edinburgh, with a lot of cold and snow, or to live in Milan or Madrid, than in Naples or in my city, Seville, where very high temperatures are reached in summer or high levels of humidity.
Furthermore, each country, I would say that even almost each city, it has its own style when it comes to dressing and its hallmarks, more classic and gray in the UK, more modern and colorful in Italy and more baroque in France , for example, although always with good taste.
Although it is true that, lately and although elegance seems to be living a second youth, current times full of great extridencies do not resemble at all, to the past, where care for good dress and elegance were more ingrained and where it was normal to see hats, ties and pocket squares in every man, being today, unfortunately, increasingly difficult to see.

5. Why do you think the choice of tie is important when choosing an outfit?

As I said in the article about Fumagalli on my blog:"If there is a complement to men's clothing that is most exposed at all times for all to see, that is the tie. The Tie you choose will define your personality in the face of everyone else, but at the same time, we must prevent the tie from becoming the main protagonist of our image or attracting much attention to our entire outfit."With this, I believe that my opinion is reflected and the great importance that the tie has today and always when it comes to dressing with elegance and when the occasion requires it.

If you would like to know more about David Venegas visit his blog. //  All the images of this interview come from : @davidsevcab