Women's luxury beach bags


 Handy and resistant, the luxury women's beach bags made by Fumagalli 1891 have been specially designed to give you a fine accessory, with sophisticated details, that can also give a refined touch even at the seaside.

The prints that animate these accessories have the marine environment as their protagonist through designs from the company's historical archives. A historicity that blends and balances perfectly with a newer, more modern design.

With its classic but ever-popular bag shape, it is a beach accessory that is appreciated not only for its style, but also for its comfort. Made of cotton on the inside, they are externally lined with polyester fabric which makes them super resistant. The closure and some rope details give the beach bag a unique, almost adventurous, but still very elegant style.

The craftsmanship of Italian yarns and materials is a guarantee of the quality and details that characterise these bags.

Discover the historical patterns and be inspired by the style, passion and art of Fumagalli 1891 to choose the perfect women's beach bag to complete your beach look and make it authentic.