A talk with Mitchell Moss: an american men with italian tailoring passion

Today we are going to have some little talks with Mitchell Moss. He’s originally from northeast Indiana, but have lived in Nashville for three years; he write for his blog, Menswear Musing, and he’s one of Fumagalli friend’s and lovers. He works in the creative field for his church organization as an editor, writer, photographer and designer; he’s father of two small boys and husband for 11 years.


1. When your passion for tailoring and men style born?

My passion for tailoring and style began sometime during my time at university. I can’t pinpoint any specific cause, but I will say that my dad has always dressed well, and my older brother has, too. My interest in tailoring stems primarily from how flattering tailored clothing is, and in the boost of self-confidence that comes when I wear it.


Manswearing musing wears a fumagalli striped wool tiemitchell moss wearing fumagalli handmade wool tie


2. I read that you especially love Italian tailoring, what do you love about that?

I love Italian tailoring, particularly the softer Neapolitan style (and the Florentine style, too), because it feels a little more at home in the more casual world we live in today. I wear jeans most days, and a soft Neapolitan jacket with a pair of suede loafers or boots, open-collar shirt, pocket square and maybe a scarf if the weather calls for it looks sharp, but not too formal when your friends are all dressed casually.


3. What is the accessory you love the most to wear and why?

My favorite accessories — not counting my wristwatches — are the lightweight scarves I have. A scarf is kind of the perfect additional layer: from a style perspective, it can add so much character to an outfit through color and pattern. As a functional layer, it isn’t an entire separate clothing item like a sweater or coat, and that makes it easy to take off if you get warm. And unlike a tie it doesn’t communicate additional formality; in fact it does somewhat the opposite, giving you a kind of insouciant appearance, depending on how you wear it. I find that lightweight scarves are the best and can keep me plenty warm even during the coldest months of the year, but can be worn during the transitional times when it’s a little warmer, too.

Mitchell Moss wearing a fumagalli 1891 scarf

4. What do you like about Fumagalli 1891 accessories?

I like Fumagalli’s long history in textiles and base in the Como region (my wife and I had a chance to visit the Como area in 2015; next time we go there, I’ll try and arrange a visit to Fumagalli 1891!). I also like the colors and patterns. Every designer, maker or brand has its own aesthetic, and even though they all might make similar things, their individual voice comes through in the specific color hues they use, the scale and shape of the patterns, the fabrics, and the styles. I usually know right away whether a company’s products align with my own style, and I was immediately drawn to yours when I looked at them.

If you would like to know more about Mitchell Moss visit his blog. //  All the images of this interview come from: @menswearmusings