Handmade scarves: how and why?

Behind the production of a handmade scarf there is a long process that is based on a love for detail, creativity and style. In this way Fumagalli makes each of his scarves a unique piece.



But why Fumagalli's scarves are so special?

The combination of the work of several skilled craftsmen and the maniacal attention to detail make Fumagalli’s scarves so special,

being able to meet the needs and demands of each customer.

The design

Every year, for each season Fumagalli offers different designs combined with as many variations to satisfy customers and the style of the moment. Taking inspiration from the historical archive, heritage of the company, a new creative design is created. Then the positioning inside the fabric is studied, a pattern is created and prepared for printing. These are just some of the preliminary steps to be successful.

The fabric

One of the first steps for the creation of a handmade scarf is the choice of the fabric; from wool for winter scarves to cashmere for summer ones, all fabrics are carefully chosen and tested with a focus on the high quality and, most important, on the Made in Italy.

The printing

After selecting the fabric and preparing the design, everything is placed on the printing machine where one of the most complicated and fundamental steps of the process come to life. Everything must be well aligned to avoid ruining the printing of the design on the fabric, for this reason the process takes place under the watchful eye of part of the specialized Fumagalli team.

The control and the finishing

After finished and dried the print, the rag passes under the watchful eye of quality control that controls colors gradation, smudges and any other possible defects of both the fabric and the print. After this careful quality control the scarf passes under finishing "hydro soft" step.

 It is a procedure with enzymes and steam that soften the fabric. The enzymes used in this finishing are proteins. Favoring the process of chemical reactions, increasing the stability and improving the properties of the fabric. Each scarf reacts in different way to this treatment. Subsequently the scarves are put into a tumbler, the drum rotates in various speeds according to the type of fabric, and needs to break the fibers in a gentle way making them even more elastic and soft. The final result is a unique and characteristic matt effect, floating, aged, fresh and wear out. The exclusive finishing is made in a Company from our territory in Como, exclusively for Fumagalli, in the full respect of the environment and rules to use the fixing textiles agents. 

Cutting, hemming, checking and bending

Once the controls have been passed, the large roll of fabric goes to the cutting stage. Not all Fumagalli scarves have the same size. The scarves are therefore cut according to customers’ needs and following the various prints by expert craftsmen. Once all the single pieces are obtained from the large roll, the scarves are hemmed by hand with great precision, and the labels with the Fumagalli composition and logo are sewn.
After this step is completed, the scarf passes to quality control which evaluates the suitability of the product and then proceed with a careful and controlled ironing and folding of the individual pieces, which are then bagged.
Often after this procedure, before shipping the pieces there is another quality control, because Fumagalli love attention to details and everything must be perfect. This final step guarantees a high level of craftsmanship and prepare the scarf for the long journey.