Style and Passion, Art and Culture: a project born from the need to keep our philosophy tied to what our creations are.
Since it often happens to neglect history, we wanted to undertake a search among ancient texts that led us to the beginning of this adventure. The interest in cities and their origins is in fact linked to the discovery of our traditions and of what is intrinsic in the cultures of the ancient and modern world. The desire to tell stories is in fact driven by the desire to be able to transmit values ​​even through products that are not normally carriers of culture.

T H E - C O L L E C T I O N


Center of gravity, magnet for businessmen and mecca for business. In constant change, founded as a Dutch colony, until the construction of the gigantic metropolis, New York has remained the beating heart of American life for almost 400 years. Thanks to continuous immigration, New York is perhaps the most cosmopolitan metropolis in the world, where over 150 languages ​​are spoken. It is the indisputable tip of the balance for US culture, economy and education.

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Founded by the Gauls, enlarged by the Romans, Lutetia Parisiorum (Lutetia) today "Ville Lumiere" is certainly the most surprising city of European metropolises, perhaps the most Romanesque in the world. With its enchanting corners it remains the capital of love and lovers. Between the bridges and the stalls of the Seine, with the violins playing romances, between the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the spiers of Notre Dame and the magic of the Tuileries gardens it is not possible to escape cupid.

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Founded by the Celts, conquered by the Romans, Mediolanum grew to become the capital of the Western Roman Empire and later the capital of the Kingdom of Italy for about 10 years. Today it is the nerve center of the Italian economy, finance and trade. Always an incubator of ideas, an open laboratory, with its creative resourcefulness, from mechanics to publishing it currently remains the world capital of design and fashion.

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