The origins

Best tie knots: some interesting facts about the most common knots

The tie knot hides deep symbolic meanings and is an all but negligible detail in expressing one's style.

Learning to master the execution of the different knots, knowing how to choose the right knot according to the type of tie and occasion is an art to be discovered, which every man who wants to always be elegant should know.

Each tie knot dates to different eras and contexts, created to cover different style needs. Behind each one are interesting stories and curiosities.

The "stylish women's scarf" is an authentic and sophisticated accessory

The history of the scarf has its roots in the past. The first peoples to start using an accessory similar to the one we know today were the Egyptians and Romans. In Egypt, the scarf was a symbol of power, proof of the social position to which one belonged. The headdress of the Pharaohs was in fact a twisted scarf, fastened at the back with a knot and falling long over the shoulders. For the Romans, on the other hand, the “Sudarium” was a kind of scarf that was used tied around the waist or around the neck to wipe away sweat. Historical finds dating back to the 3rd century BC testify to its use in the Far East as well. The terracotta statuettes of the Qin Shi Huang dynasty army of soldiers have one carved around their necks.

The best accessories for women: how to valorise your outfits with originality

A way to express oneself, one's personality and character. Accessories are an important sphere of the clothing world, worn mainly to enhance an outfit, make it unique and special. Sometimes to give a slightly more casual air to an outfit, other times to add a touch of style and elegance to a dress or suit. The beauty of accessories is precisely that they can tell their own story and express themselves as freely and personally as possible. Scarves with fine fabrics that are pleasant to the touch, foulards with patterns and prints belonging to the company's historical archives, bandanas and tie bands that give authenticity to your looks. A real world to discover that of accessories, which for centuries has accompanied the way of being of each of us.

The origin and the history of the bandana

A fine, light accessory that can be worn in an infinite number of different ways. In fact, the bandana is one of the most versatile items of clothing to enter the wardrobe of modern western society.

Whether striped, wide, solid-coloured or printed, today, the tie is known for its elegance. It has become a symbol of distinguished class-an accessory that  every stylish gentleman must have in his wardrobe.
However, it seems that almost nobody really knows anything about its origin or actual use. To this day, it’s uncertain about when people started to wear ties.