How to make a gift: is it better to give a scarf or a tie?

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Choosing a considerate gift is always a unique experience, because it means taking care of a relationship with an important gesture. It can be a caress, or perhaps an act of recognition and appreciation, which enrich the relationship.

In primitive societies, giving a present represented an exchange to create relationships, not only between individuals, but among entire societies. In this way, new relationships were born and social systems were conserved.

The French anthropologist and sociologist Marcell Mauss, in 1923, in his book The Gift, after having studied extensively the meaning of gift-giving in archaic societies, wrote, “A gift has the magical power of stabilizing a relationship with another individual, or  others. It is a supernatural force, a spiritual power, a symbolic strength that can be interpreted with vital force.”

During the Roman Empire, it is told that it was customary for the ancient Romans to give “strenae,” gifts of various kinds, to celebrate the Sol Invictus, the arrival of the winter solstice. This Saturnalia period was when adults and children received presents of good wishes. With the coming of Christianity, Christmas has substituted the winter solstice.
Saint Nicholas of Myra and Bari - William Brindley (1832 - 1919)


Also, in the Christian tradition, presents are brought by a famous character, loved by children all over the world: Santa Claus. The origin of Santa Claus (short for Sint Nicolaas in the Dutch) comes from the tale of Saint Nicholas, when he was bishop of Myra, the ancient city in the Lycian Union. According to tradition, Saint Nicholas gave surprise gifts to the poor, hiding them in their shoes that were left outside of their front doors.

One of the posters of the iconic Christmas film Miracle on 34th Street  a 1947 film directed by George Seaton.


The jolly and good-natured Santa Claus that we know today, is a robust, white-bearded man, dressed in a fur-trimmed red outfit. He represents the spirit of the goodness of Christmas and the exchange of presents. Gifts today are none other than the representation of love between people.



Often the search for the perfect gift is not a simple task, that's why at least once in his life everyone has had to deal with inappropriate gifts, embarrassing situations and generally unwelcome presents. Therefore, it takes a little bit of reflection in order not to get the opposite result to the laudable intention to please and make a pleasure. Regarding the choice of the gift there are not many rules to follow. Surely remembering at the last minute to make a present is not a good starting point. Whether you choose an accessory, like a tie or a scarf, or something else, with a hasty choice most of the time you are wrong. If you go to the sure shot, without reflecting, you probably make unwanted gifts. Therefore it is necessary a little bit of reflection in order not to obtain a result opposite to the praiseworthy intention of making a pleasure.


Etiquette of giving and receiving gifts

 In etiquette there are good rules to follow when receiving or giving a gift, we will list some of them.The first rule is to wrap the gifts accompanying them with a card with the name and, if it is a more professional gift, with the surname. When you receive a present, it is good custom to thank the recipient by expressing your appreciation in a positive way and showing that you appreciate the thought, whatever it is. How many times you receive a gift, put it aside and unwrap it a few hours
or even days later? According to etiquette, this is an error. The best practice is to open gifts in front of the donor as soon as received. These are just small tricks to avoid turning joyful situations into embarrassing and unpleasant ones, making the person who gives us, or to whom we give, the gift feel uncomfortable.


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