"Green Pea" and Fumagalli 1891 for the environment


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On December 8th, 2020, opened “Green Pea”, the new eco-sustainable mall, in Turin. The project was conceived by Oscar Farinetti, inventor of the Italian food chain “Eataly” and “Fico” in Bologna. Part of a colossal requalification of Turin’s ex-industrial Carpano Lingotto zone, “Green Pea” has already reaped enough success to foresee the creation of ten more concept stores abroad, from London to Paris, from the USA to China, from Japan to Canada and to the United Arab Emirates.

The entire structure is an expression of architecture in which the protagonists are natural materials, vegetation and light. Every detail of the building is resilient, eco-sustainable and respectful of the environment. The keyword of the whole project is “RESPECT.”

Fumagalli 1891 store in green pea                                                     Photo of Green Pea project  by Green Pea

Fumagalli 1891 for “Green Pea”

In order to participate in the “Green Pea” project, we at Fumagalli 1891, just like the other brands involved in it, have followed the seven principles of sustainability ( read more here https://www.greenpea.com/partner/fumagalli/ ) In addition, we have implemented the indispensable use of those practices, aimed at offering a more eco-sustainable approach and respect for the environment.

Style and passion, art and culture are our motto and our philosophy is to support all these values. We remain loyal to the principles which have always guided us - respect for the environment, valorization of human resources, transparency, ethics and integrity.



handmade luxury jacquard italian tie

The aim that our brand cultivates and maintains is promoting conscious consumption, making eco-sustainable choices, and practicing social responsibility. In fact, for this project, we use only water - colored natural prints on eco-sustainable and regenerated fabrics, such as wool, silk and cashmere. All items are certified, regarding their production, in terms of respecting the environment. There is also lovely swimwear, made with recycled plastic bottles!

The workmanship of our products is entirely artisan. All the stitchings are carefully hand - or machine – made by talented, highly experienced craftsmen. Our suppliers also have great knowledge and their traceability guarantees our highest trust and dependability.

handmade silk unlined luxury italian tie

Fumagalli 1891 store. An eco-sustainable choice of quality

The Fumagalli store is located on the second floor of the mall, dedicated to the Fashion World. All of the furniture in the store has been recycled from wood and wrought iron, following the principles of recycling and a regenerative economy. In more than a century, these choices and this synergy have allowed us to guarantee reliability and quality of our products, and trust in our name.
Our most ambitious challenge is to protect our planet, through the concept of circular energy. Utilizing as much regenerated materials as possible, we’re striving to avoid the exploitation of the land and to reduce drastically the use and waste of water. Ours is a journey into sustainability, and a decisive contribution in making the world change.

History is an idea of the future, and never only of the past.