A talk with Mitchell Moss : an American men with Italian tailoring passion
-2 MINUTES READ- Today we are going to have some little talks with Mitchell Moss. He’s originally from northeast Indiana, but have lived in Nashville for three years; he write for his blog, Menswear Musing, and he’s one of Fumagalli...
Regimental ties: the striped design from the time of ideals to the present day
Regimental ties are a timeless accessory for every man. They give an idea of simplicity and naturalness, while being a “must” for masculine elegance, with their high potential of expression and versatility.These classic striped ties have an interesting history that takes us back over the years.
"Green Pea" and Fumagalli 1891 for the environment
Find out more about Green Pea: The world’s most sustainable building. A shopping mall spread over four floors that houses the Fumagalli concept store where you can discover luxury ties, scarves and much more made in Italy following the pillars of care and respect for the environment and the world.
What is elegance in a man
2 MINUTES READ IN TERMS OF ELEGANCE, THE NEED TO BE WORTHY OF WOMEN Having taste, elegance and personality: all are innate and perfected qualities. It’s true, but does a man really dress elegantly, only for himself? Have you ever...
How to make a gift: is it better to give a scarf or a tie?
Choosing a considerate gift is always a unique experience, because it means taking care of a relationship with an important gesture. It can be a caress, or perhaps an act of recognition and appreciation, which enrich the relationship.
Travel & Style : little talks with David Venegas
- 2 MINUTES - This week we are pleased to interview one of Fumagalli friends and lover. His name is David Venegas ( @davidsevcab) , born in Seville the capital of Andalusia, he managed an hotel in the beautiful setting of Djerba,...