Folding a pocket square: four ideas for a classy touch

The origin of the pochette, or pocket square, seems to date back to the banks of the Nile River in ancient Egypt. Apparently, the people of that area used the ancestor of this accessory both as a cloth to wipe away the sweat and toil of hard work, but also as an object to flaunt their wealth.

Today, the clutch bag is used as a distinctive element in men's outfits, synonymous with class, attention to detail and self-care, able to adapt to solemn, formal, business and even more casual contexts.

Men's scarf knots: how to wear it with class and elegance
The scarf, emblem of style and elegance in the men's outfit A signature accessory in a true gentleman's wardrobe, the scarf has over more than 2000 years of history behind it. It is perhaps one of the oldest in the...
Best tie knots for the wedding day

«The elegant man is the one whose suit you never notice. » (W. Somerset Maugham)

Ancient Rome was the first city to adopt what was soon to become the male accessory par excellence: the tie. Roman legionaries used to wear a strip of cloth around their necks as protection for their airways during their long road marches. Over the years, the piece of cloth gradually thinned to the shape we know today.

How to wear a neckerchief for men: 6 ideas for a refined look
The accessory is a necessary and indispensable element to give charm to the whole outfit. It is a true symbol of accuracy and love for your image.
In particular, a foulard or bandana, if well chosen, can make a banal outfit into a unique look and raise it to a completely different level, adding a touch of originality. These refined squares of fabric leave plenty of room for everyone's imagination and creativity, offering the possibility of creating plays of colour to add class and elegance to an outfit, or make an overly elegant outfit less serious.
How to wear a foulard: 4 sophisticated ideas for women
A timeless icon: a favourite accessory of the divas of the 1950s and 1960s, the foulard or carré is a refined, lightweight and extremely versatile headscarf. It can be worn and knotted in a variety of ways: around the neck, as a headdress or to adorn one's handbag with class.
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