"Sport consists in delegating to the body some of the highest virtues of the soul."
Jean Giraudoux (1924)


For 130 years now Fumagalli 1891, the oldest Italian tiemaker, has been producing garments that can convey the philosophy of the brand itself, characterized by a strong passion for art and culture. And in the new collection "The Sport Origins" this philosophy is inextricably linked to the love for sports and history: in nine precious scarves, Fumagalli 1891 tells the story of some of the most loved sports, retracing the fundamental stages thanks to vintage and detailed illustrations.

From skiing to golf, from football to polo, passing through cavalry, horse racing, circus, tennis, formula 1: each scarf becomes a real work of art that manages to suggest the charm of distant times and the emotions that only history can give.



The collection, consisting of 9 men scarves, is enriched with a further element: the book "The Collection - The Sport Origins" (available only in Italian): almost 150 pages full of culture, art and curiosities above all the sports in the collection, to deepen their evolution over the centuries.

A journey through time made possible thanks to the desire to rediscover traditions and, above all, to the vast historical archive of Fumagalli 1891: inside a collection of great value, made up of samples, ancient books, materials, remnants, rare pieces, carefully preserved and collected from the birth of the tie factory until today.



Each scarf from the "The Sport Origins" collection is in itself a unique piece: the quality of Made in Italy that characterizes Fumagalli 1891 can be touched by hand in the precious fabric of each garment and in the accuracy of the details of each illustration.

Hand-sewn by expert master craftsmen, the scarves of the collection have dimensions of 200x70 cm, with a fraying of about 1cm, strictly handmade. The merits of the collection can be seen in all the scarves, which are however unique and different: exclusive pieces that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of art and beauty admirers.



The nine sports, main characters of the collection, are represented not only with vivid and distinctive images, but also through the key virtues that fully describe their character. Within the precious volume we start from skiing, described as "vertigo, freedom and discovery", just to symbolize the adrenaline sensation generated by descending snow-covered and candid slopes, and continue with golf – rule, tactic, and precision – with its characteristic environment, with the scent of freshly cut grass, the calm that precedes every stroke of the club and the amazed looks that follow the parable of the ball towards the hole.

Equitation, polo, and horse racing are no less important, united by the presence of a noble and elegant animal – the horse – that accompanies man and becomes his best ally. From the origins of every sport, in some cases born in the military, we arrive at today, along a story that captures and envelops the reader.

And so, together with beloved sports such as tennis, football and Formula 1 and still popular shows such as the circus, the journey through sports finds its fulfillment: this historical-cultural panorama can be enjoyed in its entirety thanks to the pages of the book, but it can also just be savored in any of the exclusive scarves of the collection.

A unique project of its kind, which perfectly embodies the philosophy of Fumagalli 1891: it is no coincidence that the collection presents itself as the union of "Style and passion, art and culture", essential pillars not only for the high quality that characterizes the brand, but also for the construction of an extraordinary experience, including fine fabrics and beautifully crafted illustrations.


Fumagalli 1891: 130 years of refinement, art and timeless beauty.